About Sexitude

Sexitude is a sex-positive, age-positve, body-positive dance experience created by D’Arcy Drollinger (AKA Baby D).  Each class combines Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Video Dance and classic Bump-n-Grind moves set to a fun, high-energy soundtrack; which results in a great cardio work out, while strengthening the fundamentals of current popular dance styles. This open-level class is perfect for beginners, while offering enough technique for more established dancers; includes a warm up, step-by-step breakdown, routine and cool down. Leg warmers and dance gear encouraged.   Werk a look! Break a sweat! Be Fabulous!


How it all began

It was the summer of 2011.  I had just moved to San Francisco from NYC.  One day I was sitting at a cafe with friends lamenting the fact that I couldn’t find a dance class I loved in SF, when the obvious answer presented itself…create your own.  I had studied with some amazing teachers in New York that gave me the foundation and spirit of the class I wanted to create.  The week I went to look at the beautiful Academy of the Ballet, which became home to the flagship class, every Sunday - Sunday Skool as it is called.  It started small with six friends and over time has grown into something I couldn’t have imagined - spawning multiple classes and workshops throughout the Bay Area; as well as the late-night dance party, Sexitude PM and performances for audiences of up to 1,400 people.  It has become more than a class, it is a community, a movement, a dedication to being more amazing in our everyday lives.


The first thing you’ll notice when you enter D’arcy’s class is color. Gold bootie shorts, rainbow colored leggings, bright yellow kitty kat t-shirts. D’Arcy’s class is not a muted experience, everyone is super off the charts technicolor and you realize very quickly this is going to be a damn good time.
— Elaine Adolfo
Although I’ve always loved to dance, I never really considered myself a dancer...until I found Sexitude. Since I started taking classes with D’Arcy, my body coordination and technical dance skills have improved exponentially. D’Arcy’s classes are accessible for beginners and yet still challenging for experts. His emphasis on incorporating sexuality, attitude and gaiety into fitness has changed the way I think about exercise and has helped me grow into the stripper I’ve always been at heart.
— Kevin Seaman | seamanart.com
Since going to Sexitude, I think I understand more now why people go to church.
— Stephany
We learn to dance as if everyone is watching with the self-confidence that comes when no one is watching.
— Beth